Rescue California

June 20, 2024

Contact: Anne Hyde Dunsmore

(949) 474-0123

Orange County, CA - - Today the Supreme Court, led by Gavin Newsom, dealt a death blow to distressed CA taxpayers by rendering a decision to deny the people of California their right to have a voice.

“Newsom sued to stop voters from exercising their democratic right to pass a ballot measure, “ said Anne Hyde Dunsmore, lead petitioner of the recall movement against Newsom. “He is working to prevent voters from reforming our public safety laws as well. It is clear that Gavin Newsom is afraid of the voters, and with his record, he should be.”

Since 1911, Californians have had the ability to alter their government and repeal or promote legislation that they feel best serves their needs and desires.

The purpose of the INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM is to give citizens of this great state the opportunity to provide a check and balance on the governor and legislative bodies often controlled by lobbyists arguing special interests and not the wishes of the general public.

“This should put the last nail in his political coffin,” said Dunsmore. “This is all on him - Newsom vs the Taxpayer Protection Act”. That’s his legacy – that says it all. No wonder he has canceled two consecutive state of the state addresses.”

A recent PPIC poll shows that Newsom has managed to create a situation for himself where a majority of the voters feel the state is headed in the wrong direction with almost 60% of the cherished No Party Preference/Independent vote disapproving of his job performance. “If you want to win anything in CA that is fiscally responsible or supportive of public safety measures, you must have over 85% of the Republican vote, 30% of the Democrat vote and over 50% of NPP/Independent vote, “ said Dunsmore. “We have that, and some. He’s done. And when he signs the Democrat bill gutting reforms of public safety - he’s cooked. Put a fork in him.”

Dunsmore finished by saying, “A recall is all about promises made and promises broken. The initiative and referendum process allows the public to take action against politicians who break their word.”