Rescue California – Recall Gavin Newsom

Over 2 MILLION Californians signed our Recall Gavin Newsom Petition! Thanks to you the nation’s most failed Governor is on the verge of being removed and replaced.

Democrats, Independents and Republicans have united to recall Gavin Newsom. We know we can and must do better.  

Please help us.  Use the tabs below to make a small donation to our cause, or to tell your personal story about why you support the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

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Throughout our history, when career or corrupt politicians have failed us, Americans have turned to outsiders to clean up City Hall, the Governor’s office and even the White House. That same sentiment drives voters to 3rd parties or to register as Independent voters. In 2003, it led to the Recall of Gray Davis and it will do the same in 2021 with the Recall of Gavin Newsom.



“Newsom attended French Laundry party with more households than California advises during pandemic”


“Lawmakers take aim at Newsom as a million unemployment claims remain unprocessed”


“Parents Suing Gov. Gavin Newsom For Order To Close Schools During The Pandemic”


“Newsom, Garcetti face political distress as California locks down again”


“Newsom to release 8,000 prisoners in California by end of August amid coronavirus outbreaks”


“California highway projects could lose gas tax funding as Newsom shifts money to mass transit”


“Gavin Newsom’s budget calls for new tax on drinking water”


“California Gov. Gavin Newsom to impose moratorium on death penalty”

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